Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Welcome to 2004! My first blog.

Be warned, this may SHOCK you, but I (Eric Slager), known for being ALWAYS on the cutting edge of what's popular with the kidz these days, does not have a blog.

I'll give you a moment to take that in and digest it, while I shuffle some papers here.

Well, once I finally made the decision to cancel my subscription to Tiger Beat, I figured it was time to jump on the figurative bandwagon and make this thing happen.

Truth be told, Twitter's brevity (" that's what you call me.") paired with the effort required to adequately update my portfolio website, has sort of forced my hand into this whole "blogosphere" (I hear that's what the kidz are calling it).

In closing, prepare for random updates from me, Eric Slager, mostly involving graphic design... but probably some film and music too.

That is all. "Ya'll come back now, ya hear?" (The Beverly Hillbillies is timely right? Kidz?)


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